Phil Pospychala Presents

Bix Beiderbecke


A Tribute to Bix Beiderbecke


March 8-11, 2018

The Dream Continues


Tribute to BIX Fest:

March 8-11, 2018
Delta Hotel
(former Marriott)
Racine, WI

Featured Bands Include:

Dorsey Brothers Orchestra '28- '34
Andy Schumm - Arranger

Sweet Sheiks
Like Tuba Skinny?
You'll like us!

Ragtime Masters
Reginald Robinson &
John Reed-Torres
Two Pianos

Other Attractions:


The Essential
Louis Armstrong

The Essential
Bix & Tram

Both Okeh Master
78 Pressings Only

Jazz Site Bus Tour to Hell
March 8
All New, Chicago & Milwaukee
Laugh, eat, sleep, cry!
Two Days of New and Used Record, Book and
S/M Sales!

Prohaska, Beasley Books, Nelson, McGown, Illiana, Rolfs, Klopp - Others!
Koester? Kwauk?

Free Table with Either Patron Fee
50 Tables 50

$100 Mystery Record Contest!

Anybody can win! Schmooze Gal Approved!

Friday Late Nite Record spinning! Late Jam Session on Saturday Nite! Bring your hot 78 originals Friday, it's Old Crow Nite!

Free Bix Birthday Cakes on Sunday!

Rare Jazz Films
on big screen!
All New with
Ron Brosig


Friends of the Fest:

Sweet Sheiks

Shotgun Jazz Band

Tuba Skinny

Janet Klein

Madison Jazz Society

Illiana Club of Traditional Jazz

Riverwalk Jazz

Jazz Unlimited of Greater Milwaukee

Jazz Record Mart

International Association of
Jazz Record Collectors

Piano courtesy of the

St. Louis Jazz Club

Classic Jazz Stompers

Barbara Rosene

Indianapolis Jazz Club

The Bix Society

Racine Arts Council

Official Tourism Bureau


Cooking for BIX

Nice Shoe
How many feet? 2 or 4?

John Otto · John Donatowicz · Andy Schumm
3 of the Augmented Fat Babies (Dorsey)

Worried you'll miss out on the Old Crow?
Go to the Fest!


What? Me worry?

Where's the Old Crow?

The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra rehearsing at NBC, spring 1934.
Front: Bob Crosby, Kay Weber, TD.
Second row: Skeets Herfurt, Jack Stacey, JD, Roc Hillman.
Back: Don Matterson, Ray McKinley, George Thow, Glenn Miller, Bobby Van Eps,
Delmar Kaplan.

15 years ago: Norrie Cox & a local street band. Name 'em & win a shot of old crow!


P. Asaro, Johnny D. A Schumm, D Bock, J. Otto - Half of Dorsey Brothers. Orchestra


Dorsey Bros. Orchestra

Sweet Sheiks

Sweet Sheiks

Mike Davis in a former life

I no longer tend bars in Davenport, but I am still good looking!

How do you like them apples?

Ragtime Master: Reginald Robinson

Mrs. Kong & friend Mike. Kenosha - 2001

Still in Milwaukee

Ragtime Master John Reed-Torres

John Reed-Torres (b. 1991), a South-Central Los Angeles native recalls hearing ragtime for the first time as a child; when he heard an ice cream truck creeping along to the strains of Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer." Right then and there the ragtime bug bit him and sparked his love for a wide range of antiquity.

Primarily self taught, John worked up performances of Scott Joplin rags and classical pieces. In 2009, John began studies at Pasadena City College and the Neighborhood Music School in Boyle Heights, where he was finallyafter many years of perseverance; able to begin formal piano lessons through the generosity of scholarship donors. He has since performed at various venues in and around the city of Los Angeles, the states of California, and Missouri, and even internationally in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

John has written over a dozen rags to date, and has collaborated on compositions with fellow Ragtime friends Vincent Johnson, and Reginald Robinson. Currently a college junior and law office clerk, John aspires to continually perform, compose, and educate. Being of a diverse ethnic heritage, John believes music is a universal language, a link that connects us all. He wants to teach the history of ragtime to his generation and those that follow so everyone will recognize ragtime's important place in the development of culture and music.

Schmooze gals & friend - 2003

Laura Toops & the forbidden lecture - 2003

1910 - To draw a crowd before an open-air speech, a cornet usually sounded a call,
which was followed by a song.

Miff Mole and Old Style 1950's
, at Jazz LTD. Chicago.
Old style lager from LaCrosse. Now brewed in Milwaukee.



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Nicole Wood & Her Galaxie Girls

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